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De Rode Held is a gift shop filled with nostalgia. De Rode Held proudly takes you back in time and tries to give you the feeling of shopping in an authentic Dutch gift shop. In De Rode Held you will find an array of authentic Dutch products and products with a Dutch flair. Products which can be found in de rode held are Exota lemonades, different types of soaps, candy, postcards, and much more.

City of Buren

Buren is known as the ‘Orange city’ in the Netherlands. The reason why Buren can call itself that is because of the ties it has with the Dutch royal family. William the Silent, the first prince of the Netherlands, married Anna of Egmont in Buren in 1551.  Because of this marriage, their Majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima bare the title of Count and Countess of Buren. Besides the ties shared with the royal family, Buren is known as a vibrant city and is also called ‘the pearl of the Betuwe’. The authentic Dutch landmarks, city gates various museums, shops, Bed and Breakfasts, and restaurants make Buren worth a visit.

10 reasons why you should visit Buren in the Netherlands

Nr. 1 In 1551 William the Silent married Anna of Egmont in Buren. Because of the marriage, to this day, one of the titles of the Dutch monarch is ‘Count of Buren’. The church where the wedding was officiated is still used to this day.

Nr. 2 In the fifteenth century the largest castle of the Netherlands could be found in Buren. However, since 1804, the castle has almost broken down. To this day it is unclear if the castle will ever be rebuilt. But maybe, if you look closely, you can still find fragments of the castle in and around the city.

Nr. 3 One of the sights on your list while visiting Buren is the authentic Dutch windmill. This windmill is used to grind grains into flour. This flour is used to bake bread which you can buy at the local baker from Buren.

Nr. 4 The Betuwe region is famous for its many fruit orchards and Buren is the largest producer of fruit in the Netherlands. That is why both citizens and visitors enjoy locally produced fruit available on almost every corner. Visiting Buren during the spring can be extra special as one can truly enjoy the beauty of the fruit blossoms.

Nr. 5 Het Koningklijk Weeshuis (The Royal Dutch Orphanage) has been in Buren since 1613 when it was founded by Maria of Nassau. Maria of Nassau was a daughter of William the Silent and Anna of Egmont. The orphanage has existed for over 400 years and is one of the many historical sites in Buren.

Nr. 6 To protect the city, Buren is surrounded by walls and water. Buren was an important meeting point for both country roads and waterways. If threatened the city gates were closed, and the city was defended with the use of canons.

Nr. 7 Conveniently located in Buren is the authentic Dutch store De Rode Held (The Red Hero). In the shop you will find authentic Dutch products. Decorated to resemble an authentic Dutch shop, the owners Wilco and Rinze give you a glimpse of how things were in post-World War 2.

Nr. 8 Did you know that the ancestors of famous Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren were the founding fathers of the city of Buren? However, the van Buuren family were expelled from the city by the van Egmont family. Anna of Egmont who married the first Dutch prince William the Silent is a descendant of the van Egmont family.

Nr. 9 Because of its central location, Buren and the cities and villages surrounding it have had their share of battles with water. The landscape surrounding Buren consists of the typically Dutch dykes and waterworks. These waterworks and dykes are notorious around the world.

Nr. 10 So, in conclusion, Buren has everything someone looks for in a city trip. The authentic Dutch landmarks, a variety in stores, museums, and restaurants can all be found in the beautiful and history city of Buren.

Travel times to Buren

Because of its central location, Buren is easily accessible from the major airports and big cities in the Netherlands. Amsterdam is only an hour away by car and those who travel with public transportation arrive in Buren at the entrance of the city. The image below shows how accessible Buren is from major cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Lelystad, Antwerpen, and Düsseldorf.